Seeking out international art and antiques from around the world and vintage objects from across the U.S.

Welcome to Found, which markets quality art, artifacts, and antiques from around the world. Owners Ann and Keith Graber Miller travel to Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, purchasing hand-woven, hand-painted, and hand-crafted works directly from artists, artisan cooperatives, galleries, and market vendors. We also are the venue for Graber family art: Ann’s original watercolors as well as pottery, paintings, and books by 12 additional Graber family members – both of Ann’s parents, three of her sisters (including renowned miniaturist Jane Graber), our daughter, four nieces, and a nephew. In addition, Ann does interior and exterior design consulting for homes and businesses.



We founded our store in 2000 to provide a venue for our collections of family art and artwork from across the globe.

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Our kilim rugs, notable for their brilliant colors and markedly diverse patterns, were hand-crafted in Bulgaria. 

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Images of saints and martyrs have long adorned Eastern Orthodox churches, reminding believers of the world beyond their senses.

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African Art

An incredible array of African art from across the continent. Our collection includes many antique, tribal pieces.

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Graber Art

FOUND co-owner Ann Graber Miller is from a family of a dozen artists spanning three generations.

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Asian Art

Antique and traditional pieces from throughout Southeast Asia and China. Pieces include whimsical Chinese farmer paintings and 19th-century window screens.

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Other Art

Panamanian molas, original Cuban paintings and prints, exotic artifacts and more.

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Rings, earrings and pendants crafted from bullet casings in Cambodia, along with sterling silver pieces from Thailand.

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Design Consulting

Enduring interior design offered by FOUND co-founder and veteran interior design expert Ann Graber Miller.

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Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of FOUND, located in historic downtown Goshen, Indiana.

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