Found is owned by Ann and Keith Graber Miller, who live in Goshen, Indiana and travel throughout the world to experience new cultures and purchase art and antiques for the gallery. Keith also teaches theology, ethics, religious history, and sociology of religion at Goshen College, a small liberal arts university. The Graber Miller children -- Niles, Mia, and Simon -- all are actively involved in the business, assisting with website design, traveling with the family, and producing or purchasing art for the gallery.

Co-owner Ann Graber Miller is from a family of artists -- five sisters and a brother, nearly all of whom work in art-related fields. 

Among our most popular items right now is The Daily Feast: Everyday Meals We Love to Share (Good Books, 2012), edited by 81-year-old family matriarch Esther Rose Graber. The 250-page cookbook (see photo at right) features not just individual recipes but full menus for soup suppers, guest meals, and celebratory feasts, and includes culinary delights from all over the world -- wherever Graber family members have lived (Puerto Rico, India, Cambodia, Bulgaria, New Zealand, England, Cuba, the western United States, etc.). The book retails for $29.95, and all of our copies are autographed by Mom Graber as well as several of the sisters. To purchase the book, send your mailing address and a contact phone number to us at 

In terms of other family art, oldest sister Jane Graber is internationally known for her miniature 18th- and 19th-century pottery; sister Ellen Graber Kraybill is an accomplished vocalist; twin sister Sibyl Graber Gerig, trained as a medical illustrator, works with watercolors, pastels, oils, and exquisite fabrics, and also illustrates children's books; younger sister Susan Graber Hunsberger is a fine artist and illustrator; and brother Steve Graber is a web designer and creative auto designer. Ann began her career as a watercolorist and graphic designer, and now serves as an architectural and interior design consultant in the Michiana area. Esther Rose Graber, the family matriarch and artistic mentor, is well known in Puerto Rico and the United States for her warm watercolors depicting family life and the Puerto Rican landscape. Esther and her husband Ron, a surgeon, taught all of their children to see the light dancing off of palm leaves, the plethora of colors in a simple shadow, and the shimmering glow of an evening pond.

Our storefront gallery also features works by a third generation of Graber family artists, who are making their way through high school and university studies at Goshen College. Four of the nieces and one nephew already have watercolor paintings, enameled copper pieces, cards, books, and silk paintings at the gallery.

The video below, made by 15-year-old Mia Graber Miller, features FOUND gallery in Goshen as well as the Graber family artists.